My Self

You’ll never know, till you have try. Try first and we can know everything that we want to know.

My Self

 For me, life is an Adventure. Well, my name is Ade Irma Juwita. I was born in a beautiful city which called Pagaralam, exactly in South Sumatera, Indonesia on 1997.  I like listen to the music, browsing, and play games. learn many things, enjoy everything by listen to the music and have fun by play games are my favourite activities.

Everything that we want to reach, will be difficult, if we think that’s difficult, but if we think that’s easy, it will be easy. Positive thinking is also important. Why ? because it will be motivated us do many things. Maximal..maximal for great performance and great result.

Put integrity and discipline as high is important for our life, because if we lie with somebody, they will never believe us anymore and also if we don’t disicpline, it means we don’t have good time management. Everything need hard work, for good result.

3 things to remember that will never come back again :

  •     Time
  •     Chance
  •     Words

SO remember we need to work hard !

Man Jadda Wa Jadda



  1. rgayer55 · October 1, 2013

    I’m glad you assign high value to integrity and discipline. Keep following those and you’ll always end up in the right place.

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